an invasion!

In my research for Dr. Burns, I had to review seven bound journals of newspapers from 1928 India. The Newspaper was called The Times of India. It was enormous- the book was so heavy that after carrying it from the interlibrary loan office back to my table, I was out of breathe- and so large that it filled a greater surface area than my large study table. It took me 10 hours to review the year of publications, so I chose to sit at a table with comfy seats. That didnt help much as I still had to sit forward and reach to carefully turn the worn out, crumbling pages. I awoke the two days afterwards with knots in my neck and back and massive headaches. Alas! the price of research! Despite my complaining, I thoroughly enjoyed time of reading the past. In the next day or two I will post a few interest and amusing articles. For now, I'd like to share a few photos of the journal:

There is an extra comfy chair in my little nook. Throughout the two days, people would take the chair for their use and then return it. But, in the final 3 hours of my uninterupted studying, this kid walks up. He pulls the chair closer to the table and sits down to start working. He is so close his shaking leg is kicking the table. Did I tell you how HUGE this book is? Its taking up the entire space- and making a mess as the paper crumbles more with each turn. This kid has the audacity to walk up, pull the chair closer to the table and sit in my study space. He was there for HOURS. It was so awkward. In standing to photograph a page, I'd be all up in his business. It wasnt my fault he sat so close, so I had to just act like I wasnt doing anything wrong. Utterly and immensely frustrating! and by the way, Muldrow was NOT full by any means. I'm not really sure what this was all about- but it was ridiculous!
This is the kid:

This is after he left and pushed his chair back:


  1. BAHAHAHAHa! you took a picture of him! That is awesome!

  2. i know him! not really. but what if he decided you are fascinating, somehow looks up your name, sees your blog, sees himself, and... i don't know what would happen. that book is hew-age. (i don't know how to write how to say that..)