Its 2010!!!

So, I understand that we have all lived 29 days of 2010... but I just cant get over this! It is honest-to-God TWO THOUSAND TEN. When I see the date, I am shocked- every single time! I double take- every single time! and I feel old- every single time! I just cant help it. Maybe I never truly thought this year would come. I'm uncertain what I was expecting to happen- an apocalypse, a comet, or an implosion. For now, I will continue to be surprised and to double-take.

In other not-so-depressing news, Brandon's college buddy is in town for the weekend. We have decided to tie him to a chair and make him watch Battlestar Galactica for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS. He might sneak out tonight while we are sleeping and drive back to Pennsylvania. If I were him, I would. For goodness sakes, who would want to watch BSG?

Jon did bring me coffee from a local roaster in Greencastle, PA. Perhaps I will let him out and not force him into BSG nerdiness. What will we show him of Clemson then?

-Death Valley
-Stumphouse Tunnel
-Issaqueena Falls
-Yellow Branch exploration
-Greenville Wonderland
-Newry Mill
-The Jocky Lot (if it doesn't close for the ice storms!)
-Rare Elegance for some animal spotting
-play Wii

Any other ideas folks for this kind man who knew to bring me coffee? What are your Clemson "tourist attraction" favorites?


  1. how about roller coaster road...then again scratch that if it you all get that "wintry mix" this weekend...too slippery!

  2. i have never been to rollercoaster road or newry mill. can you guys show them to me even though i live here...