Please keep in mind that we are living with my aunt. Because of this, our bedroom is crowded, cluttered, and looks like a mutation of my homes in the past with a bed and breakfast. But, as has been requested, I will show the world where we live now. The house is a decent size, the bathroom and kitchen are large, and the views... oh the views! We are having fun living with Lydia watching the olympics, the news, movies and more... but if it werent for the view, I don't know if I could handle the room. Enjoy!

And in case you missed it, click on this image- see the water and the dock. We have dock access- perfect spot for a Spring/ Summer night's glass of wine and leisure chat. In the image it looks far away, but out our window, its right there. Also, the first image is my view when sitting on my couch looking up into the trees. Not too shabby, eh?


  1. yay! i am so glad to be able to picture this finally. i want to move to charleston and have dock access to water and super old windy trees for leisurely chats! surely you have room in there for 2 more? can we have a phone date soon? i know there's not as much room as you'd like, but that location looks super ideal.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah! So when I come to visit I'd love to join on that dock for wine and conversation! Hope things are going well, phone date soon! Love!

  3. YES! Phone dates with both of you? When?