a King and a Son

silence in a boisterous call center
peace when anxiety swirls through vacation-minded members
centering on the cross as trivial matters escalate to tears and curses

this is my task today as my every fiber longs to sit in silence at the feet of my Saviour in order to enter into His moment of suffering for me.

i recall a day in Apopka, another Good Friday of long ago. sitting on the bathroom floor of the Hamlet for 3 hours. a child, desperate to "enter in." our entire family was silent for the duration of our Lord's suffering- a bond we had made together, encouraged by our earthly father. we each chose a room to stay in so that we would not be tempted. i chose the bathroom because my loft bedroom was too open, airy, distracting. i sat on the pine floor in a room with no clocks- crying at times, sleeping at others, mostly overcome by the smallness of my size. i sat surrounded by blue wallpaper, porcelain features, and wooden antiques, wondering if the King of the Universe even saw me on this day. This day that surely, the King and Son honor in their own way. This day, created for me, yet so much bigger than me.

in remembrance of all of this, i attempt to issue peace into the anxious callers. i pray for them as they get frustrated with being locked out, with repetitive system errors, with unintelligible and strange wording. i ask that today, of all days, that i would be the peace of Christ to others as i share courage for today.

in this way, perhaps i can say "thank you" for a gesture far larger than i can ever comprehend.

how will you give courage for another's way today?

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