breath and chirps

Good morning, darlings!
Today, I find myself on my front porch, listening to birds chirping and the cars driving. There are SO many birds in the yard-its fantastic! Michel and I did breakfast again this week, something that is fast becoming a tradition. I am LOVING it! When your family is massive and quickly expanding with spouses and children, sometimes you just need to break away for some simple, uninterrupted conversation. It is good.
I cannot believe how fast May is flying by. There is some monumental event every week from anniversary numero uno (Savannah) to Mother's day (Harborview) to Mexican Mother's day (Savannah, again) to MUM turns 60! (Folly) to Series finale of LOST (Alexandria/ DC). I am halfway thru this list and have photos aplenty to edit and share along with other random tidbits of our life in Charleston.

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