Morning Interruption

"I did not fear to go to sleep again, although the boughs or bats or something flapped almost angrily against the window-panes."
"As she lay there in my arms, and I in hers, the flapping and buffeting came to the window again. She was startled and a little frightened, and cried out."
Bram Stoker, Dracula

I am reading Dracula right now and every time I come to the parts when the Count appears at the window as a bat, I am a little skeptical. Do birds and bats REALLY beat at windows in the night? The characters in the story seem to think it is normal, though a little frightening as they learn what, or shall I say, who the bat is. This week, Nature is teaching me a lesson. For four mornings in a row now at 7am, a bird, the same bird everytime, sits in the tree outside our window and raps at the glass. Said bird will also repeat this performance several times throughout the day. Yesterday, a squirrel jumped from this little tree directly into our window. Stunned, it got up and scampered away.

the stage:
the culprit:
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  1. I hate this bird!!!!! however seeing the squirrel jump into a window was pretty funny to watch.