Creativity Day One

Its day one of my voluntary creativity bootcamp and I cant be happier with it! I am a little disappointed that I'll be in P.R. for part of it, because it will delay my finish. At least I am off to a good start!

Today's writing task was to write a letter to your post-two-week-course self explaining the things that have happened and how far you have come. I have always found "future" letters odd and hard to write- but this was nice- it was like speaking the next two weeks into being and claiming personal satisfaction and victory. I'm guessing I did it to look back on and think "what were my goals? what did I accomplish." To be honest, I have not yet narrowed my hopes for this course but think they will formulate with time. I know what I want to be on the other side of this, I just don't know how I will get there. I want to know myself as a creative person and to not feel like all of me is just a copy of another's idea. I am likely to make some ugly things in these next two weeks, because I am going to stretch my mind and say "why not?" to odd ideas. We will see what comes of it.

Today's creative task* was to incorporate IVORY into our chosen medium. I crocheted a three-strand necklace, clasped with buttons, and made a fabric and tulle side adornment for it. I am pleased with the outcome and excited for where new ideas like this will take me.

*There will be no photographs of my creations for a while as we are in the middle of moving.
I have also not decided how public I want this journey to be.


  1. i was so excited reading this, then read, there will be no photographs. sad. but it is still exciting! I'm glad you're doing this. I forgot that you decided to do this, but actually just decided on Sunday (in the prayer room - to go along with you being creative) that I would start a self-inflicted rediscovery/new discovery journey to become more in tune with the Holy Spirit. I totally support you doing this bootcamp and am excited to see the physical/nonphysical that comes out of it! miss you guys

  2. So awesome Claire! I, too, am sad that there won't be pictures but I totally understand. I'll be excited to see where this takes you! (I may even decided to jump on board myself..)

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