Puerto Rico

In the face of pilot strikes, world cup excitement, creative bootcamp highs and lows, new job sweats and anxiety, Mum the Twins and I are finally getting on the plane to Puerto Rico! The week had us wondering what would happen and fortunately for us, in the midst of it all, we had friends praying for us that the strike would end and our 60th birthday vacation would proceed. Thank you for those prayers! and Praise God for His grace to us! [You might be thinking a vacation is a silly thing to pray about- but remember its diety-exemplified Law to have time of rest.]

Our flights will be completely during the USA vs Slovenia game tomorrow morning- but I will receive text updates to my phone [yes, you, send them!] Once we land, I will turn my phone on and see...

Perfectly executed CORNER KICK BY DONOVAN AND DEMPSEY HEADS IT IN!!!!! [again, I might add]

That will be the perfect start to a wonderful week of waterfall jumping, lagoon diving, phosphorescent bay exploring, sunning, shopping, and mojito drinking with Mum, Lydia, Lynda and Elba.

As a side note on the Creative Bootcamp- it ends tomorrow. Because of the move, no internet and lost tools, I fell a little bit behind so over the weekend I doubled up on days' activities. This proved exhausting and frustrating. I was having great personal insight followed by some of the worst "creativity" -if you can call it that- I've had in a while. When the pilots went on strike and Thursday flights were cancelled, I thought, "Oh, guess I'm not going now-at least til next week at earliest." I slowed the gears on the creative activities as I thought I would have the weekend to finish up. Rather than rush through them today only to be left with ONE to do when I return, I will save the 4 remaining and continue on June 25th. I will also share more of whats been going on in that front with you later.

my only P.R. regret is to miss these games with my brothers and husband.
Cheer loud for me, guys!

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