the making of a home

I am home, to this place he is more comfortable in, to this place he has lived and knows as home. I am home, though it does not feel like home yet. I fold t-shirts, sheets, boxers, dresses and towels. I hang art and mirrors and clocks. I move furniture and mementos and books. I am home, but I do not feel like this is home.

How long does it take to make a place a home?

He welcomed me with giant hugs, Saturday morning breakfast, and uninterrupted World Cup games. He wrapped me in his love, anxious to make this place ours. I recall another Summer night- over a year ago- in Central. We were newly-married/just-honeymooned and I moved into his home. It took rearranging the 3 bedroom apartment several times to make that place our home.

Does the time-disconnect between place and home shorten with time?

I hang our "Welcome Home" card from Amanda and light our home-warming soy candle from Grammie. I turn on the praise music and whisper a prayer, "Please Lord, dwell here." I wash the sweat, sand and sunscreen from my Puerto Rican clothes. I empty the refrigerator of near-finished containers. I plan menus to make in this new, extravagent kitchen. I smile as objects fine their places. I know I will find mine soon.

The disconnect will shorten for home is what we create.
Soon: I can almost smell it.
Soon: I hear the rustling.
Soon: this will be home.


  1. Not sure I totally agree with this quote, but interesting to include in your pondering: "Wasn't that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted? " -Abraham Verghese

  2. A likeable quality I have found in the two of you has been the fact that you have a knack for creating pleasant spaces. You appear comfortable no matter where your home may be (whether Dove Circle, or Lydia's) and in turn, also make those who come into your home comfortable.

    as a soon to be guest I'm anxious to see how you both have settled into this place. I know that you are doing all you can to embrace it and make it yours.