Dayne's Birthday Package!

My brother Dayne turned 25 this week... all the way in Germany. I guess they have birthday celebrations there too. It was a little sad he wasnt here for his 25th, but its ok. I am sure he had good fun with his German friends. Inga took some pictures of Dayne opening his ENORMOUS package from Mum and Dad so I am reposting them here for the benefit of our non-Facebook family members. Hope you had a great day, Dayne!

25 year old Dayne:

Dayne and Inga:

Post- opening Carnage:

Reading his new book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:

The view from his window:

Imitating Pops:

*Sorry the pictures are backwards. I cant be bothered to rearrange. ENJOY, Mum!


  1. your bro looks like you, (it shouldn't be different, rs!) and you're older, then!! congratulations to him, in "late-vance", lol!

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