Grand Opening: Quixotic RIE

About a month ago, I shared that I was participating in a Creativity Bootcamp. It was the busiest two weeks of my summer before I added the boot camp. I imagined my creativity would be thwarted in the process but instead, I found the daily writing and creating to be relaxing and enjoyable. My goal for the course was to get myself to a place where I could say "I am an artist and I create art" without feeling like a fool. Why is this so hard for me to do? On the other side of the course, I feel more at liberty to talk about my art with friends and family. But still, not with strangers yet. I am a work in progress.

Another goal was to work towards opening an Etsy site with my mum, Ranne. Since February, we have been meeting, planning, creating, and changing things around getting ready for this. It is easier to identify art in others over oneself. The bootcamp was for me to begin to feel comfortable with making my "crafts" into art for others.

Because we are so passionate about literature, adventure, words, and dreams, Ranne and I chose to name our store: Quixotic Rie. Rie is a command to laugh in French and Spanish. What a word to speak into people as we form art to represent our inspirations, our dreams, our loves, and our Creator--however literal or figurative as they may be.

And so, I am excited and honored to announce the opening of our Quixotic RIE. We will be having a giveaway this week as well on the store's blog. More details to come this evening.

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  1. when i really sit on the sentence "it is easier to identify art in others over oneself", it is like an aha moment that has the power to give over to something beautiful and familiar but easy to shut out. Also, I can't wait to rock out my Rie purchase :)