clicks from silence

I know I have been away for a while. Life just sort of filled up and other obligations came first. But I miss being here. And so I return for a moment to share my goings-on:

1. started and thrilled with the initial success of RIE. On this matter, please keep sharing the word. i am LOVING everything about it so far.
2. been working on new ideas for RIE, including our Autumn line and some blogging ideas. This includes weekly meetings of the RIE staff :)
3. started a new, full-time job which included being promoted my second day to lead the entire office-based team with only 2 weeks to learn the whole system before my predecessor left for San Francisco. I should note that I am enthralled with my new job- its fully, totally, completely ME. And, challenging. Thats nice, eh?
4. planning a baby shower for Sara, aka sister-in-law, for this coming Thursday. planning an out of town shower is difficult at best.
5. filling my time with as much AILEEN as I can before she leaves town. trying to find time to reconnect with Charleston friends (Laurence, Amanda, Melissa, Hannah and Jenny) and to maintain growing friendships amongst my brothers and Brandon.
6. been saving up for a new computer as my current one takes ten minutes to turn on and open to my email. by the time I do this in the evenings, I cant be bothered with reading or writing blogs.

On Wednesday, we fly to Boston and I have much to do before then. I am planning a few Boston adventures and am sure to post about those soon. Much love!


  1. have a very good week, then. and a very productive travel!!!

  2. i miss your more-frequent blog entries. though to be fair i have slacked as well. i think you should do another "blog entry a day" month :)