Storybook Friends

Today I read a quote by a woman named Siobhan. She said: "I felt like I was far more alive in fiction than I ever was in real life." It struck me.
First of all because I love the name. For my wedding, I was facing an OVERWHELMING amount of close girlfriends to choose from as bridesmaids. I have been incredibly blessed with beautiful, smart, thoughtful, creative girlfriends. Brandon and I wanted a small wedding party though- so I came up with a new idea. Why not have a new category for a wedding? Why not honor the special friends in our lives without making them buy the dress, throw the parties, do their hair and toes and nails? I came up with the name Siobhan, which means God is Gracious. My Siobhan were present with me on my special day, getting ready, taking pictures, setting up- they were honored in my programs- and were photographed in one huge fun group shot! I love each and every girl who was there with me. You can imagine when I saw an interview with a lady named "Siobhan," I knew instantly that we were kindred spirits.
The second reason the quote struck me was because this is how my friend Ali makes me feel. I don't think I am ever as brave or crazy or spontaneous as I am when I am with Allison. A few weekends ago, I went to visit her in Orlando. We had less than twenty-four hours to see each other. And do you know what we did? We went to Disney at midnight to ride the monorail. We walked through the resorts, tripping and falling on our faces (intentionally) for the whim of it. We got home by 1:30 but stayed up talking and laughing til we couldnt breath until 3. The next morning, I crawled in bed next to her (wonderful Kenworth woke with the children so we could have a little lie-in) and we sipped coffee and laughed some more. Then we went shopping for HOURS at the outlet mall. We only went in two stores- but we made it count. And we had dinner with another kindred spirit, Tiffany.* It was about 20 hours of laughter til tears and exhaustion smothered us! Thanks for making life seem like a story-always adventure, always laughter, always new- every time we are together, Ali (even if ours is a book with no pictures, alas no camera!).

*Oh! And Tiff and Ryan are pregnant again so CONGRATS there too!!!

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