at the Market

On Saturday morning, Brandon and I grabbed an iced americano and iced vanilla latte from Muddy Waters and headed downtown for some fresh produce and live music. Every Saturday, I have an internal battle: do I stay in bed for an extra hour or do I get up and go out in the heat for fresh vegetables? This weekend there was no battle. I was spending the weekend remembering my life and thinking about the areas I wanted to improve in my life. One of those improvements involves doing things now. We ended up buying two photographs from Diana Lauderdale, a local super-talented artist, and a fair amount of produce from The Vegetable Bin. Overall, a great way to spend a morning. We even made it back in time for noon kickoff. :)

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  1. dear claire,

    you and I have a similar-ish qualm. Instead of "should I go out in the heat to get fresh vegetables at the market?" I find myself asking "should I go out in the rain and get fresh vegetables at the market?" :)

    I am glad you and Brandon are trying to venture out places. The more than you do this, the more Charleston will continue to feel more like a home and less like just a place you live. This is your city, explore it, embrace it.

    And then of course, if you ever tire of Charleston, you are always more than welcome in Seattle! :)