The Loys: August 20

Who Said Moving was Normal?

In moving from a 3/2 apartment with a huge kitchen to a 2/1 apartment with a tiny EVERYTHING, you have to go through your junk and get rid of A TON! I managed to capture many moments of Brandon going insane as his precious treasures were ripped from his hands. [I did mine more privately, sans husband and sans camera.] Also, know you will eat a lot of junk food when moving. Just embrace this ahead of time, and all will be well. Enjoy our oreo and cape cod chip induced insanity: we moved our bed to the living room the last 3 nights to 1. watch lost in bed and 2. have some awesome sleep in a well air conditioned place.
no, he did not graduate from clemson. its breitmeier's tassle.

my name is whitney and they are too cheap to get me a new name tag of my very own.

i dont even know.

more to follow here or at Sea and Islands of our new home called "Paloma."
also, more on naming things later.