The Loys: August 29

The Scent of Autumn

And so, we have moved into our new home, which I cannot yet call that happily. This act of adjusting to a new environment and situation is more difficult that I am accustomed. I wake in the morning, confused as to where I am and where I will take my coffee. I have not found my reading nook, nor my place for quiet journal moments. My desk is in serious need of organization and, yet, I do not do it.What has helped immensely has been the blessing of friends to join us for movies, coffee, dinner and a blether. There is something about hosting that forces a place to feel like home.

Another action which enables these emotions is the act of naming. My goal and desire is to name every place Brandon and I live. Here, we live on "Dove Circle." I am not immensely excited with this word, dove. I recall, in the courting days of our dating/ getting-to-know-you relationship, Brandon was quite taken with the Spanish translation, Paloma. We have agreed to call this home Paloma in honor of the giddiness of first dates, the lavishness of languages, and the Christian symbolism of peace. May this address be a place of romance and friendship, a place of rest and dreams, and a place to develop inner passions into our greater calling as husband and wife.

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