The Loys: February 8

you do see it correctly: the Loys are moving to Charleston! this is a bittersweet time, folks.

sweet in the recognizing of God's breathe over this transition and His hand in guiding our steps. sweet in the prospect of seeing the ocean more than tri-yearly. sweet in the hope of laying some roots and being established for a few years to come. sweet in the promise of living near family, in this adult life we have created. sweet in the renewal and continuation of friendships long-ago begun.

this move is providential and sweet.

but the bitter brings tears and moments-to-pause. bitter at the friends we are leaving, life-long friends we've created a life around. bitter at the leaving of our dear church, sweet dcf, and the love we have been living there. bitter at the loss of mountains and waterfalls, of snow days and mid-summer lake excursions. bitter at the seperation of life we know as a couple and life we cannot fathom.

this move is tearful and bitter.

And yet, we have a promise and a hope. We walk alongside Eternity's Plan in crafting this life of passions, sorrows and dreams. We will sit and we will ask and when opportunity arises, we will say "yes." (Lord, may this be worked out in our lives, day-in and day-out.)

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