whispers of love

To say that I have been blessed is an understatement.
Love has been lavishly poured on me in such abounding and non-proportionate ways. I loose my breathe to think of it. For some unaccountable reason, the Lord has seen fit to always provide me with a car. In necessary (for jobs) and unnecessary (for errands and coffee shop visits) situations, I have always found myself with some transportation-busy, bike, car. My parents have 8 children and could hardly afford to give us each a car. I bought my first car, Seamus, when I was 20 years old. He treated me well and those who rode in him, remember him fondly. He had a sad end and was buried in a Charleston junk yard in 2006. Since then, I have been officially carless. I lived on bus routes and hitched rides with kind roommates and generous friends.
Until this string of blessings:
-My first car-lending blessing came from Clemson Family who had an extra car they used to lend to those in need. Their car saved me for several months from cold, 5AM bus rides. I graduated and moved home. The car needed a new home in another desperate person. And so, pseudo-Seamus was passed on.
-I was offered a raise upon graduation that came with a car at the Coffee Shop. The car wasn't officially a company car- it was the Jittery Family car. And so, in using it, I became a part of the family. Sharing rides, giving rides, lending and swapping cars with the dear Jittery Family. This becoming a part of someone else's family was more a blessing than the car was. But the Coffee Shop closed. I married my Love. And became essentially jobless.
-Until Canadian-Pop-Star went to Italy for three months. While my friend was in Europe, her parents (who had only met me once) agreed to my using her car. This was during the first three months of marriage in an empty Summer Central town. The car was a salvation- a tie to real life- a way to run errands for elaborately planned meals- a way to meet Love for lunches- a way to go to ice cream with friends- a way to not be stuck. An incredible blessing.
-Love and I moved to Clemson. Canadian-Pop-Star came back from Europe and Sheila went with her to Georgia. I found a job doing research and occupied myself for some months via bus routes.
-Until Clemson Family Mom met me for coffee one morning. And heard I had no car again. Immediately, she gave me the key to Pseudo-Seamus and said "go pick him up." This is how giving the Clemson Family is- not a second thought to the
ir own inconvenience or expense. Just a simple "here." I drove pseudo-Seamus for another half a year until Love and I moved to Charleston.
-I was hired for a three month job- hardly a reason to buy a car. And so, Rooster Brother lent me his old, tired Bronco for the extent of the job. It was old and rickety and broke down on us. But it got us through, once again.

I fear my words do not do justice to my heart. These gifts of transportation have been whispers of love from friends, surely. But I declare that these whispers were mere echoes of my Father's love. He loves in so many diverse ways- we cannot even fathom. I do not understand why he chose this method of love. Why cars were so important to Him to give to me. And yet, I cannot help but know it is an intentional movement on His part: four cars lent over four years of life. An intentional move to woo my heart and soul.

Thank you, Clemson Family, Canadian-Pop-Star, Jittery Family, and Rooster Brother for being the voice of my Father and for allowing His love to move through you.

Yesterday, Love and I bought our first brand new car together: a 2011 Honda Civic in metallic grey with tinted windows. I think this will be a new sort of blessing. A blessing we hope to share.

Peace to you this Christmas season. How is our Father whispering to your heart?


  1. I like this...... we have been blessed for sure..

  2. Marie Cudd22/12/10 14:16

    Claire! I love this! I feel often that when people do generous and loving things out of the blue that it is God loving me and speaking to me! Love and miss you.

  3. Miss you, sweet friend. Maybe I need to have a girls' get away down your way??

  4. Just popping in to say nice site.