2011: A Year of Peace

"a new day from heaven will dawn upon us.
It will shine on those who live in darkness, in the shadow of death.
It will guide us into the path of peace."
Luke 1:78,79

2010 resolutions assessment: I accomplished all of the goals outlined here- except a photo a day for a month. Perhaps I can do that this coming year with my new computer and photo editing software! Who knows what 2011 will bring!?

As is clear from my last post, 2010 was a year of blessing for Brandon and me.
-new computer (beautiful Deirdre)
-new wonderful job (me)
-raises (B)
-new homes (the Regatta and now, Treetops)
-new city (Charleston)
-new friends (Britten and Chris, Patricia and Brian, Christine and David)
-vacations (Savannah x2, Puerto Rico, D.C., Boston x2, Florida x2, Greenville and Clemson)
-visits from old friends (Kelly, John and Jana, Mike, Melissa, Reid, Amie and Nathan, Ali and KW, Jay G!, the Hayes family)

2010 was busy and bustling and blessed. It was a year of change.

Now, at the dawn of 2011, I look forward to the stability and rest it is sure to bring. I am certain changes are ahead, but it seems 2011 has more peace than transition. For this, my heart is happy. I thank the Lord for such a time.

We live in a time in which Christ's light outshines any darkness. May this truth guide, sustain, and lead you and me in 2011. May we find the path of peace promised.

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