When Hitler Pops Over for Tea

My heart mulls the depravity of man. I wrestle with these words from the Apostle Paul. I listen, in silence, to news anchors informing me of mass murder in Norway, a child's whisper cut short by the hands of a parent, brutality and greed teeming from a leader's hand. I hear family, friends, co-workers, buzzing with chatter --did you hear what that person did?-- and I say nothing. I chew the cud, to borrow a line.

And I stumble across blogs and organizations talking about depravity. at least I am not alone. One such organization is called People of the Second Chance. Their tagline is "overthrow judgment. liberate love." What a powerful message. In this era of care-about-social-justice-it's-the-cool-thing Christians, it is refreshing to have a bold re-statement/ re-assessment of purpose. Its not about crushing and avenging. Its about loving and encouraging.

I watch the news again and I turn on documentaries and I study history and I am angry. again. How can such selfishness, evil, pain exist in this world? How can tempers and power-trips and rampages go unchecked, in so many places, for so long?
My heart breaks and I can barely breathe and I remember. "all have sinned."

What separates me from the likes of Bin Ladin, Mubarak and Mugabe? What makes me different from the suicide bombers throughout the Middle East- throughout the world? What stops me from going on a rampage and destroying lives around me like Breivik, Klebold and Harris?


I am convinced more now than ever before that I am capable of the corruption and grotesqueness of each of these people. I am no better because I have not done these things. Hasn't my heart wanted to murder these dictators and perpetrators myself? Haven't I mentally damned murderous mothers to hell? Haven't I thought of how to torture and punish rapists? In my anger and pain at injustice, I create new sin- if only in my thoughts...

I know what the Creator says about thoughts. I know that to think is the same as doing. I am not making a statement on righteous anger, capital punishment, assassination, or social justice. I am not going there with this discussion. I am talking about me and second chances. Because here is the deal, I believe in Love, Grace and Mercy. I believe in a God who will forgive my every fear, my every pain, my every sin. Because I believe in this God, I am forced to reconcile myself with my own depravity and with His saving grace.

Would you give Hitler a second chance?

Christ would.

In my heart of hearts, I do not know that I can.


  1. this is bold, honest and beautiful. love you friend!

  2. Dang... that was really good. Thanks for the thoughts! Love ya friend.