Some Thoughts on [Good] Friday

Last night, some two thousand years ago, was the Passover feast in which Jesus spoke strangely of giving up his life for his friends. He also spoke of betrayal. After dinner, there was prayer in the garden: pleading, bleeding prayer from the Son; sleep from the friends. And finally, horror of horror, Jesus was arrested and accused. What feelings of hopelessness and uselessness must have risen from his friends. What lies must have been whispered to them during their despair.

Last night, April 2011, at small group, we watched The Passion of the Christ. All week, Brandon and I have been working at sitting in the moment. At church on Sunday, we were encouraged to try to experience Holy Week as the disciples did. Try to think through each day from the triumphant entry to Jerusalem to the billion-times-more-glorious resurrection. And so, nightly, we have read through the Gospels, trying to sit with the followers of Christ, in the moment.

Last night, nearing midnight, Brandon and I shared the communion from our Savior. We broke bread. We drank wine. We refreshed our souls with Truth from the Gospel of Luke. We sat together, one couple, thankful for a sacrifice and a pain we will never endure nor comprehend. The Eucharist, after all, is an act of thanksgiving.

Today, as my Savior was tortured millennia ago, I will strive to sit and remember in the midst of chaos. Only, how far I have come. How far HE has brought me. I pause and I praise the King. His love brings us through!

Today, I am thankful I know the end of the story. I have never known the Easter story without knowing the Truth of the end. I am thankful I am not living through such a day when this was the worst Friday any friend, mother, follower could imagine. Today, I am thankful for GOOD Friday- with all its weight and joy and beauty and sacrifice.

Today, HE has overcome.

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