The Love of Others {A Story of Abundance Part 1}

When Brandon and I first found out we were pregnant, I asked him "Do you think we'll have a shower?" I did not doubt the love of our friends and family... I doubted our all-too-busy lives, our geographies, our other responsibilities.

The end of the pregnancy yawns before us now. Our family of 3 has collectively attended FIVE showers thrown in our honor. We have been abundantly lavished upon. For our first child, Brandon and I only bought a dresser (that doubles as a changing table) and cloth diapers for ourselves. Everything else was given to us- new, used, loved, hand-selected.

Without further ado, here are two the showers...

Brandon's work threw him a "Dad to Bee" shower at which we were given LOTS of diapers and wipes.

My work gave me an "all-day, drop-in" shower. Karen decorated my desk and asked people to just bring presents by throughout the day. It was a really neat idea because I was able to have time with each gift-giver without feeling like I needed to "perform" while opening presents in front of a bunch of people. We received several adorable books and (totally unplanned) all of our bathroom needs. Baby tub, soaps, towels, duckies, etc. Karen also had watermelon and muffins ready for me whenever I wanted a snack throughout the day. She's been such an encouragement and blessing at work the last year. OH! and she made the bunny pictured below. His name is Mr. Sweater.

I will post photos from the other 3 showers in individual posts. 

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