The Love of Others {A Story of Abundance Part 2}

Christmas 2012 took us to New England for just about two weeks. I prayed for snow, as I often do on these northern winter trips.

(I must have whispered many prayers that are just being received now because it is still snowing! Apologies to everyone north of ... Carolina. I must have left a trail of prayers on the way up...)

Guest Place Setting
The amount of snow that I received during my stay was perfect. It dusted Christmas morning- enough to be enchanting but not to prevent our guests from coming to dinner. Later, we had a nice blizzard of about 14 inches. Andrew and Sara were able to plan to spend the night with us at Marlen and Caneva's.  The next day, Sara and Caneva were throwing me a shower. So I was told I wasn't allowed in the kitchen or dining room area. The guys watched football. Brandon and Marlen made me a fire. I curled up fireside- with pillows, blankets and a book. One of the most relaxing evenings of this pregnancy.
Me with Sara
The next day, church friends of Sara and Caneva came to celebrate Little Loy. We lunched on tomato/mozzarella paninis, fruit salad with sherbet, strawberry spinach salad, and peanut butter chocolate mousse cake. The food was delicious. The decor exquisite. The games fun (though I definitely bombed the nursery rhyme game). The company delightful. It was a pleasant afternoon of love, laughter and stories.
My Place Setting
 I am thankful Brandon and I have such a strong support system- even as far away as Hopkinton! Thanks for making a snowy December afternoon so lovely!

Caneva, Sara and Me

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