The Love of Others {A Story of Abundance Part 4}

3/3/13 at 3pm, dear friends threw me my final shower. Ali (from childhood) came down from Greenville to co-host with Patricia (from City Church) a book-themed shower. Everywhere we turned, really well thought-out and executed decor greeted us.

They prepared appropriately girly food (see Sugar n Spice menu), a cheese and fruit spread, mimosas and hot chocolate. Friends from Florida joined local work and church friends for an afternoon of chatter by the fire. It was relaxing and peaceful and very "me." I am blessed to have friends who know me so well. Forgive the picture over-load. There were things we didn't even capture! Also, I will update this post with a group shot as soon as I get it from Patricia. :)

Hostess Patricia, Baby and Me
Hostess Ali and Me

My mum, Lulah, and her best friend, Pam (also, Ali's mom)

Lulah and Mama
 The Food...
The Menu

Cake Pops and Caramel Corn

Caramel Brownies

I have been craving petit fours. Patricia made these herself!
Ali picked some amazing cheeses for our fruit n cheese spread

Boy or Girl?
 The Decor...
My diaper cake

"inside of a dog, its too dark to read!"

Everyone wrote notes for me to read after the baby arrives- can't wait to read them!

Everyone made a bet on due date and gender... still waiting for the results...

baby clothes worn by my mum and aunts 

The Highlight...
We had a time for everyone to pray for me, Brandon and baby. It was sweet and perfect and loving.

Ali and Patricia- THANK YOU! 
Hug the baby!

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  1. Beautiful!!! They are so thoughtful and obviously see how special you are!