The Love of Others {A Story of Abundance Part 5}

Cities of the World- To Teach a Love of Travel Early On!
Some favs
Domino's. Yeah.
I would be remise not to mention the gifts, phone calls, and texts from friends who were unable to attend these showers. We have received several carefully selected and thoughtful presents throughout the pregnancy... from LOST themed onesies to favorite children's books to Clemson baby booties! 

Dharma Initiative for Little Loy!

 These are a few of the treasures that have arrived for Little Loy. (Has any other baby been so lavished on? I think not!!!)

Go Tigers!
The Lord has been good to us. Our friends have as well. A simple "thank you" is nowhere near enough of an expression of how full our hearts are by this support, excitement, love and encouragement. We are overwhelmed.

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