Creating Space for Little Loy {Holding onto Courage}

Before I was pregnant, I always asked expectant mothers about their nursery. I was curious to see the different styles and approaches to decorating a space for a personality yet-unknown. I have also been mostly removed from thinking baby things (in general) are adorable. I am the least likely person to stop a stroller and gush over the infant within.

It is not that I dislike children-- I just prefer to know the children I dote upon. Take my nieces and nephews, for instance. I love those tiny people like crazy and soak up every photo, video, Skype session. I daydream about sleepovers they'll have with my children and stories told around campfires and cookie-baking sessions. I like children that I know.

Enter my own pregnancy. Friends ask about my nursery. They want to go upstairs to see how I have decorated and prepared. Part of me wonders if any of them ask for the same reasons I did. How do you create space for someone you do not know? 

We had to make room for a crib and a dresser and books and clothes and diapers. (Didn't you read the last 5 posts about the lavish gifts of friends and family? We had to have a place to put everything!!!) And so, we painted the smallest room in the house with some leftover paint. We Brandon assembled the crib and the dresser. We grouped like items: clothing, diapers, books, toys. We gathered art from around the house that hadn't found its proper home yet. Things started to come together. People asked our theme. I didn't want to admit that we didn't have one. So I said "eclectic-vintage," knowing it was not true. I knew I had a theme. I just didn't know what it was yet. Until I read a recent post of my dear friend Melissa. She talked about the often-subtle work of the Lord in our lives: "Living takes courage. Lots of it." It hit me- this has been my prayer, this has been the theme.

My desire is that Little Loy would know the Truth and the heart of God. No matter the circumstances, the rebellion, the messiness, the sin... knowing truth sets us free. Following dreams takes courage. Following truth takes courage. Following the heart of God takes courage- a lot of it. The smallest room in our house reflects this as I pray the smallest person in our family will also reflect this.

[I made the hot air balloons "following" the tutorial found here: The Joyeful Journey. I used hot glue instead of fabric glue because it is what I had on hand. Now, I want to put paper lantern hot air balloons everywhere in my house!]

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