Taking Back {Reading}

Recently, a friend asked me what I write about. He said that he wanted to write but did not know where to start. I shared a bit of my process with him. I explained that for a year or so I have been forcing myself to write. I know that I want to remember these times, events, thoughts, and emotions; I make myself to jot notes for Future Me. This past week, I have enjoyed writing again. Each night, after the routine of bath.nurse.bed., I poured a glass of wine or a cup of tea and read. And here is what I re-learned:
Reading is a rhythm of my life that has been absent. Reading is an essential part to my creative process. Reading  inspires me to write.
After two nights of reading, I began to write. And I loved it. I felt like myself again. As I explained this to my friend, he remarked, 
 Sometimes I feel like certain things we do or think about go away and we're okay with that. And then when they come back or we take them back, you gain a sense of how lost you really were without them without really knowing you were lost at all.
I am still a long way off from writing for the sake of writing alone. But this week, I have taken back reading and this accomplishment feels enormous. I look forward to taking back other things that have been lost to me, including journaling, blogging, and photo journaling our lives.


What are the things in your life you want to "take back"? Let's challenge each other to create time and space for these things.


  1. Hi, Claire!

    It's been a while since I last wrote any post for my blog... I've been out of motivation to be honest. I definitely need to start writing again — meanwhile I feel like I'm not making the most of my time...
    By the way, is there a way I can contact you via email?


  2. Hey! I know just what you mean. I often have to force myself to start writing... but I always appreciate it when I do. It is so hard. Feel free to contact me at clairehammes(at)gmail(dot)com. :)