Taking Back {Photography}

To say that I have not taken photos since August's birth would be a lie. I have taken (probably too many) pictures of tiny feet, little fingers, crooked smiles and shifty eyes. I have worked hard to try to capture him on film. More than once said, "Why won't the camera take the picture?" only to discover my camera card is full... again.

But somewhere amongst the must-capture-every-moment, I forgot to look at other things. I stopped trying to find the whispers of the Spirit through my lens. It's easy to find God in the giggles of a baby. But where is God in the rest: on the drive to work, in the dirty dishes, on the computer screen.

In July, I decided to do a photo challenge. I knew July would be very hard for my soul; I knew I needed a practice to turn me heavenward. I used the daily challenge prompts to find the wooing of the Lord in the ugly-beautiful around me. Here are a few of those moments:

July 5: Love

July 6: Favorite Smells

July 7: Where you are

July 8: a path

July 11: I wore

July 12: A bad habit

July 13: 4 o'clock

July 14: Edible

July 15: Bottle

July 26: The everyday
I am doing a similar challenge for August but incorporating written moments in addition to photography. I am interested to see which I prefer.

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