30 for 30

Here are 30 things I'd like to do when I am 30:
  1. Read 3 classics
  2. Make out at the drive in
  3. Visit a battlefield
  4. Hike to a waterfall
  5. Find my signature drink
  6. Go swimming after midnight
  7. Memorize 3 chapters of Scripture
  8. Sit on our roof
  9. Ride a Ferris wheel (never even been near one)
  10. Catch fireflies
  11. Write a letter to each of my brothers
  12. Read. Read. Read. To August.
  13. Run a 5k
  14. Pick wild flowers for vase at home
  15. See the sunrise
  16. Go skinny dipping (this will probably take care of number 6 too)
  17. Write in August's daily journal consistently
  18. Get a massage
  19. Blog 50 things
  20. Do quarterly Capture the Day sessions
  21. Drink a mimosa at brunch [done.]
  22. Continue monthly photo sessions with August
  23. Catch up on family photo albums 2011-2013 (in time for mid-summer free pages sale 2014)
  24. Cook a month of meals with no repeats
  25. Eat risotto
  26. Learn one new feature of Lightroom, completely
  27. Sit by a campfire
  28. Start my potager
  29. Hang wall art of family photos
  30. Learn how to bake bread

If you have any tips on how to accomplish any of the above items, feel free to share. :)


  1. Love this list. I've got a month to get mine together! Number 1 is going to be finish my PhD.

    If you need a recommendation for a waterfall, This website has a great list of SC waterfalls. i did a lot when we were at Clemson and I think my favorite was Lee Falls.

    For battlefields, my dad was a civil and revolutionary war buff and I feel like I saw almost every battle field in the south east. One that for some reason stands out in my head was the battle at ninety-six, 96 miles away from where clemson is today.

    Another interesting place that I spent a lot of time in high-school was the Congaree Swamp (which since i have moved away, has become a national park). A unique ecosystem in the world, this was also the area where Francis Marion (the swamp fox) lived during the revolutionary war. A highly fictionalized account of francis marion was the mel gibson movie "the patriot," although I think Francis Marion is still a state legend and hero.

    1. I like you number 1. :) I'm really looking forward to experiencing so many of these. Gonna be a great year!

      Thanks for the recommendations. I'm so fascinated by South Carolina swamps. I love trying to picture Revolution-era colonists navigating their way thru tidal creeks, swamps and forest.