20 Highlights of my Twenties

(In no particular order)

  1. Clemson- 2006 Game Day when we played (and beat) Georgia Tech
  2. An unexpected trip to Scotland to surprise a friend at her wedding (including dancing in the street at rush hour, several all-nighters, time with my littles-who aren't so little anymore!- and ceilidh dancing. Thank you, Ross.)
  3. May 2 (who am I kidding? Highlight of my life.)
  4. Our subsequent May 2nds... Savannah, Vero, and Bryson City.
  5. April 6 (I love that he was born first thing. The 5th was a day of pain. The 6th of great joy.)
  6. A month in Berlin
  7. The trip out west that led me to him
  8. Overnight in NYC with the Hamiltons
  9. Beach week w/ Andrew, Sara & David 
  10. My 21st birthday (starring a hurricane, the Greyhound bus, an Italian restaurant, shopping, tequila and lots of dancing)
  11. DCF and housechurch: Heatherwood and Main/Paloma.
  12. Exploring the tunnels of Clemson (maybe this is not something I should put online...)
  13. Planting a garden at midnight with my Mum
  14. Starting a company with my Mum
  15. Telling everyone that we were expecting... Most people we had to tell over the phone. But I was able to tell Emily face-to-face. We gave Lulah a "Lulah" necklace and Papi a mug saying "Get ready for your 5th Mouseketeer!" Deciding how to tell people was half the fun :)
  16. Living behind Grammie for a year.
  17. Skipbo on the mini fridge at Jittery Joe's or Presidential Election masks. Or cheese balls in my apartment with Jess and Stu. 
  18. Puerto Rico!
  19. Family Christmases at Waverley: Parts one and two
  20. An overnight with Ali in Columbia (an escape made under the guise of "registering for Little Loy")
Even as I made this list, I realized that there were so many more high points. (This blog could be one of them!) I am blessed indeed.

Update: I just swapped one out. In doing so, I remembered 3 more. My 20s were just incredible. You've got a lot to live up to, 30! Let's get going.

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