29 things I Learned my 29th Year

Continuing my 29 Things series... 

(In no particular order)

  1. God is faithful. Even when it seems that He has forgotten
  2. A baby's smiles can clear away the worst day
  3. Nursing is one of my favorite experiences
  4. The pain of contractions is nothing compared to the pain of delivery (News flash to future moms: If you are going natural, get ready)
  5. Love gets stronger when fed
  6. Babies laugh in their sleep (and a ton of other stuff about babies)
  7. It really is different when it's your kid
  8. I'm more alert, awake and patient at nighttime than Brandon (we were both surprised by this)
  9. The plural of accoutrement is accouterments
  10. Babies prefer bouncing to rocking. At least mine does.
  11. I have a lot to learn about the providence and care of our God
  12. I enjoy war time novels
  13. Android OS is fundamentally, drastically different than iOS (nerd alert!)
  14. Why iDevices have better touch sensitivity than other touch devices
  15. I like giraffes
  16. How to feed a baby
  17. Cloth diapers are awful because they make your tiny baby look enormous (We're giving these another shot now that August is older and fits into them better.)
  18. LA is a place I never want to live (or visit again)
  19. How to make pompoms
  20. I have the most supportive friends and family (If you didn't look yesterday, see here.)
  21. Courage and bravery will be a part of August's future
  22. Midnight planting makes a garden grow
  23. We (mothers/ women) are the memory keepers (Someday I'll share more of how I've been keeping.)
  24. As life gets harder, the blessings of the Lord go deeper
  25. It is up for debate: My favorite sound is either "mumma" or the tiny whispers as he wakes
  26. The purpose of discipline is to prepare hearts for the Lord's discipline 
  27. How to make homemade pizza (thanks, Sara)
  28. Photography is my favorite way to count the good things
  29. Sharks are quite intelligent 
Tomorrow, I will be listing the top 20 highlights of my 20s. I know you're pumped. 

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