29 Things I Did in my 29th Year

Continuing my 29 Things series... 

(In no particular order)
  1. Made a baby
  2. Birthed a baby (in water!)
  3. Fed and sustained another human using only my body
  4. Travelled to LA alone and pregnant for work
  5. Went to North Carolina for work
  6. Rung in the New Year at my in-laws watching an amazing Clemson victory over LSU (#SECwho?)
  7. Craved watermelon and mojitos
  8. Watched all of Friday Night Lights
  9. Read the existing books in the series ASOIAF (For other reads, see this post.)
  10. Thrifted
  11. Cried in the first bathroom stall at HLS. A lot. (Pregnancy...)
  12. Oversaw the release of an app for iOS and Android.
  13. Travelled to Boston for work (and did NOT slip in the icy snow)
  14. Refused to travel in my 3rd trimester for work
  15. Fell in love with a baby
  16. Fell in love (again) with his daddy
  17. Took a picture every hour of my first mother's day
  18. Threw up on an airplane.  First. Time. Ever. (Pregnancy...)
  19. Returned to work after having a baby for my family. (The. Hardest. Thing.)
  20. Bought an iPhone (happy 29 to me)
  21. Went to two funerals of my great aunts
  22. Missed a funeral of Brandon's dear uncle because I couldn't travel. (Pregnancy...)
  23. Missed a wedding of a dear friend because I couldn't travel. (Pregnancy...) 
  24. Missed two weddings of two good friends. (Motherhood.)
  25. Was showered (4x! Read more here.)
  26. Helped throw a surprise birthday scavenger hunt/ party for my dads 70th
  27. Convinced my orthodontist to remove my braces 3 weeks before August was born
  28. Dyed my hair brown!!! And loved it even though it rapidly faded to orange.
  29. Took a picture every day of July and September
I am so thankful for this year; the Lord has given me so many blessings in the form of friends, family, gifts, experiences, favor... In search for blessing, I've found joy in what's been one of the hardest years of my life. As life gets tougher, the Lord's tailor-made-for-me blessings seem deeper and truer. This is a list of "I did" and certainly, I am proud of much of it. This should be called "I'm so thankful..." List because in truth, its been a wonderful year.

Check out the other "29 Things" posts here. More lists tomorrow...

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