Capture the Day Session: December 16th {Part of 2 of 30}

One of my 30 goals for this year is to do 3 Capture the Day challenges. On Thanksgiving, I took pictures every hour with my iPhone and posted them on Instagram. Today, I decided to do the same using my DSLR. Because I am exhausted and have a great book waiting for me, I am not editing these shots so they are all SOOC. Enjoy the unedited, rough glimpse of our day-to-day routine. My camera battery died at 8 pm so this photo montage ends with August's bedtime.
7 am: bedroom playtime

8 am: morning coffee

9 am: A learns a new trick

10 am: brunch

11 am: last Christmas errands
12 pm: this is what he thinks of car seats

1 pm: we match

2 pm: practicing

3 pm: more Christmas cards

4 pm: stories and giraffes

5 pm: owl entertainment (while I make dinner)

6 pm: Daddy's home

7 pm: bathtime

7:30pm: bedtime

Note: You may notice at 9am and 2pm that August is pulling/ has pulled himself up on the trunk and crib. The 9 am photo is his FIRST time doing it. I am so thankful I was able to capture this final moment of reaching. If I were not doing a Capture the Day, I would not have had my camera ready. Folks, its worth it… start snapping!

Other things of note: 2 years ago today, Brandon and I closed on our house!

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