I love Fridays. I realize most people probably do but I have come to enjoy Fridays in a whole new way since being home with August.

I have a renewed energy to accomplish all the loose ends from the week- like clean the floors, move clean clothes out of baskets to closet and drawers, wash the diapers, finish emailing work issues, pack up any memory keeping projects I'm in the middle of, etc. I have learned that to enjoy our weekends together I need a clean house and brain.
Otherwise, I inevitably get frustrated and go on a cleaning rampage that is not healthy for my marriage. (Cleaning and grumbling at the same time should be avoided at all costs if I'm going to avoid a silly, hurtful fight.)
August's morning nap was gloriously long today. I was able to check off most of my list so I'll be able to play and read to and snuggle my little bug this afternoon. More time for snuggles, please! 
Happy weekend! Enjoy your time- whomever you spend it with. 

[points if you can guess why our broken grandmother clock is set to 8:15.]

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  1. love the peek into your home. can't wait to be there!