the islands || the sea

In my very first blog post, I wrote, I keep searching for the islands in the sea to bring life to these hours. To harken back to this idea, I will periodically post examples of current islands and sea in my life. The islands are the inspirations, the joys, the overwhelming blessings of light that restores my soul. The sea represents the brokenness of this world that I am currently wrestling with. It is not the negative; it is that which pulls deep and heavy on my heart.

the sea.

reading this heart-cry from Russell Brand

memorizing Jude 22, 23 and wrestling with what "pull them from the fire" looks like

praying for direction for where we are to serve (now that we have stopped leading our house church)

struggling with others' opinions about being a homemaker 

the islands.

learning to sew on my new-to-me sewing machine

reading this blog and altering my approach to feeding August

finding out a dear friend is expecting

celebrating ten months of baby boy at the zoo this weekend

dreaming about our five year anniversary trip in May

discussing August's first birthday (and refusing to look on Pinterest)

editing 2013 pictures for our family album

pumped about trying a new bread recipe soon

weary of pumping but determined to keep going

convincing myself not to volunteer to attend a work conference (even if it is in Seattle)

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  1. that last line there...bring baby with you, I'll babysit! :)