Lenten Light: A Photographic Journey

Come swiftly, O Lord, to the dark moments when we are lost.
-James W. Kennedy


40 days of prayer and penitence; of solemnity leading to blinding, shining joy. Rather than sulking in despair, we honor and create space for sorrow. It is a preparation that from our darkest comes his light. 

40 days of photography- capturing the sorrow, the heaviness, the brokenness and weight- "the sea"- giving way to The Light. After all, God did not turn his back on us, only on Him. His blessings abound and we have no call to hide them. "Darkness and Light are the same to you" (Psalm 139:12). He is there, in the dark, shining. 

40 days of pause- for the weight of sorrow and the emerging light. 

I read a story today confirming this journey for me; it was of St. Patrick on Easter Eve. When all through the land, fires were to be expelled for the druidic festival, St. Patrick lit a fire. 

Where is the Light? Join me as I search. Post your findings to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #lentenlight 

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