Father's Weekend

{Writing in this space serves several purposes: one being text for our family photo albums. I try to include a lot of journaling in our albums because the words are as important to me as the images. When I go back to make my yearly album, I pull portions of my journal, August's journal and blog posts. When you see me post events weeks late and seemingly no longer relevant, it is most likely to have an accounting of the events for our albums. That being said, here is my recap of Father's Day for posterity and future (photo-album-assembling) me.}

. . .

Leading up to Father's Weekend (as I plan on calling it from now on), I asked Brandon what he wanted to do. I believe I said, "for Mother's Day, I wanted to read in bed, sleep! and not be in charge of diapers or nap time routine. What about you?" Brandon's response: play video games. Brandon will go months on end without talking about or playing video games. He then has a week-long binge play until he forgets about it (presumably) for the next few months. For Father's Weekend 2014, Brandon played video games. But we also did some other things too...

Friday evening, we had my mum and dad over for homemade pizza, big salads and cocktails. Dad drank his favorite screwdriver while Mum and I sipped mojitos and Brandon had rum runners. We laughed and talked and played with August. My favorite part was handing out presents. I made silhouettes of the 3 grandkids for Dad and gave Brandon a silhouette of August. (Tutorial to come!) After August was in bed, we spent about 45 minutes discussing a crewel embroidery picture I purchased that week. I love it; Brandon despises it. Mum and Dad carried on with jokes about it- stirring the pot even more. It was hilarious and light-hearted. (You can see a portion of it in the picture above. Thoughts?)

We packed the car early Saturday morning and headed to Sullivan's Island. Since August and Brandon both love the beach I thought we should visit it at least once on Father's Weekend. August walked back and forth from the water to our chairs. I've only given him cheerios at the beach as a treat and he knew right where to find them. My favorite part about being at the beach with August are the post-swim snuggles in the shade.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home watching World Cup games, playing old-school video games (Zelda!) and eating delicious treats. We ate Emily's oatmeal pancakes and bacon for breakfast, fresh bread, mozzarella and pepperoni for dinner and the renowned chocolate orange cake throughout. Aside from the silhouette now hanging in our bedroom, Brandon received The Grand Budapest Hotel which we watched and loved (no surprise there).

Late Sunday evening, the brothers came over for the Game of Thrones finale. Brandon made rice crispy treats, Jackie brought cookies and Tiffany made a tasty dip. We watched the episode, spend an hour discussing everything that happened and then I stood up to give a lecture on Westerosi geography. The situation stands out as one of my finest nerd moments ever.

Brandon, celebrating you is my favorite. Thank you for all that you are; thank you for being you.

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