Garden Days

Yesterday, I decided instead of working during August's nap time I would spend time in the garden. The rose needed dead-heading (I think it has thrips!), the weeds needed pulling and the seedlings needed a bit of plant food and conversation. I needed desperately to clear my head and stretch my muscles. While August dreamt, I dug my hands in deep.

I believe I've said this before but I was a bit disillusioned about maternity leave and early motherhood, in general. I had no idea babies didn't want to go on long walks in strollers. I also thought when they said "babies sleep 18-20 hours a day" that they meant longer than 20 minute naps. My plans of long morning walks and working in the garden while baby napped never came to fruition. By the time August napped consistently, I had returned to work and filled those hours with other tasks.

I actually enjoy weeding in the same sense that I like cleaning a really dirty kitchen. The hard work is rewarding in the clean slate it delivers. But having a 14 month old does not afford many more opportunities for gardening than a 2 month old. His mobility is a wonderful thing but he tends to just keep walking. I end up chasing him down the sidewalk more than I garden.

Which is why somedays I decide to throw the plan out the window and go work in the garden instead.

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