The World Cup: USA vs POR

I cancelled plans with friends, left Brandon alone with August and joined my brothers at a quaint little pub up the road. Rutledge was departing the next morning for a summer in New York; but he wasn't the focus of the evening. We were there to watch the Men's US National Team take on Portugal in the 2014 World Cup. 
We arrived hours early to ensure we had a booth and plenty of seats. We chose the room at the back with a long table closest to the bathroom. Two groups arrived before us to fill the other two tables. We passed the time applying war paint, tattoos, bandanas and capes. We ordered dinner at 4pm and we chanted until our voices were hoarse. 
Brandon stopped in for a few minutes with August donning headband, soccer shorts and an American flag cape. The pub exploded in applause and chants of "USA (baby) USA (baby)". August performed well and waved as Brandon flew him back home for bedtime. 
Just in case you did not catch our excitement from the photos, here's a video of the second US goal:

America tied the No. 4 team in the world, 2-2, keeping our hopes alive to advance to the knockout stage. We have a few days to get our voices back and prepare for Germany. Don't think for a second that Thursday's lunch break will only be an hour. Because they can keep saying Americans don't like soccer, but they aren't paying attention (see here and here). I am okay with that though because, in the words of our esteemed coach, "If we gotta do it the tough way, we gotta do it the tough way." #ibelievethatwewillwin

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