Goodbye, Attic Treasures {You'll Be Missed}

"Rainbow Row"

Many years ago, my mum and I both worked at the same antiques/ consignments store. The owner, Barbara, was a lovely Canadian woman with an affinity for heat (like most people who migrate south). I learned a lot in the year and a half I worked there about antiques, business and product value. But more than that, I learned about customer service. One day, Barbara told me she considered my talking with the customers the most important task. Barbara had developed a community of elderly ladies and gentlemen who would stop in daily for a short (or long) visit. They spent money, sure, but they were her family and the driving force behind her business. Barbara knew about antiques but more than that, she knew how to love people. I'll never forget the lessons she taught me in respect for others, time management and people skills. 

On May 31st, Attic Treasures closed its doors. Mum, August and I went by for one last browse. We purchased various linens and shot a few pictures to freeze the memories.

It had been years since I had been back there. I am now a brunette and she has a new Golden named Ginger. (RIP Mackey) She did not recognize me at first, but she had not changed a bit. So it goes.

all photos by Ranne Hammes

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