the islands || the sea 04

In my very first blog post, I wrote, I keep searching for the islands in the sea to bring life to these hours. To harken back to this idea, I will periodically post examples of current islands and sea in my life. The islands are the inspirations, the joys, the overwhelming blessings of light that restores my soul. The sea represents the brokenness of this world that I am currently wrestling with. It is not the negative; it is that which pulls deep and heavy on my heart.

the sea

mourning the babies not laid to rest in dignity and improperly honored but not unforgotten, and heart-sore for their mothers, tired, alone, heaped with shame and scared. Dear Lord, give mercy.

struggling to not allow my heart to harden or my soul to surrender to the evils around

seeking a restoration song

the islands

playing with puzzles under the crib with a certain little boy

noticing the summer blooms throughout the neighborhood; hello, crepe myrtle!

smelling homemade pizza dough

wishing to hold baby Annie in San Diego; Way to go, Sims!

reading Jesus Feminist and thinking I need to read it ten more times before it sinks deep

writing our daily routines for Spring 2014 (inspired by Pink Ronnie's series)

being encouraged by this: "I know you’re trying to stand out and make an impact and not waste any bit of life... you have so much time." (Read the rest here)

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