A Letter to my Brother || Abram

Abram & Me in Ikea 2010

Dear Abram,

It's 5 am and I'm rocking August to sleep. You are probably awake too- reading, playing a video game, laughing with Dayne. I love that. 

I want you to know that I love you and the man you're becoming. Since middle school I've loved talking literature and film with you. I see that you are kind and gentle for all of your lumbering height over my 5 feet negligible inches. Your humor often surprises me and your creativity is compelling. 

You were always a boys' boy and never seemed too interested in your girly sister. But I have a few poignant memories from our childhood. Especially sledding down a two and a half foot hill behind the gas station. From swimming games at Chestnut to bike rides and jousting at Leaky Creek to screaming my guts out at your basketball game when you made the last second 3 point shot for the win- I've loved every minute of being your sister. 

I have a secret to tell you... We're all still lost and searching. But you will learn, if you haven't already, that when the small things click, you follow them and slowly a path is revealed. You'll find your way, Abe. Just remember to say yes. Opportunities don't come up more than once. 

August has a good uncle in you. I love that you play crazy games with your niece and nephews. Just wait until they're big enough to tackle YOU. 

You'll always have my love,


Ps- I always liked your name best. 

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