Checking in on The List: Two Months Left

If you have been reading for a while, you might recall that I made a list of 30 things I want to do while I am 30 years old. I have made better progress than I thought but still have some major activities to check off. Here is how I am doing:
  1. Read 3 classics [Things Fall Apart, Tale of Two Cities; one to go]
  2. Make out at the drive in
  3. Visit a battlefield
  4. Hike to a waterfall [done]
  5. Find my signature drink [Mojito or Salty Dog (made with vodka)]
  6. Go swimming after midnight [done]
  7. Memorize 3 chapters of Scripture [I've done a lot of individual verses this year but no consecutive verses]
  8. Sit on our roof [done: New Year's Eve for fireworks and our 5 year anniversary]
  9. Ride a Ferris wheel [I have not even been near one but I may end up in Myrtle Beach in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to ride the new ferris wheel there.]
  10. Catch fireflies [done: caught and released]
  11. Write a letter to each of my brothers [Woah. I wrote Abram. One down. 5 to go]
  12. Read. Read. Read. To August. [done, done and done]
  13. Run a 5k [NOT gonna happen- maybe I'll bump it to 31... need to invest in a jogging stroller]
  14. Pick wild flowers for vase at home [done]
  15. See the sunrise 
  16. Go skinny dipping [done]
  17. Write in August's daily journal consistently [done!]
  18. Get a massage [done! Thanks B]
  19. Blog 50 things [I didn't finish this but my goal was to blog more, which I have done. I'm calling it done. You can read the few I did here.]
  20. Do quarterly Capture the Day sessions [two done (December and March) need to get cracking on the others]
  21. Drink a mimosa at brunch [done]
  22. Continue monthly photo sessions with August [done until 1 year old; see some here]
  23. Catch up on family photo albums 2011-2013 (in time for mid-summer free pages sale 2014) [still need to do 2011 and 2012]
  24. Cook a month of meals with no repeats [done: I meal plan monthly and don't make the same meal twice although we certainly eat leftovers a few times]
  25. Eat risotto [done: yum!]
  26. Learn one new feature of Lightroom, completely
  27. Sit by a campfire
  28. Start my potager
  29. Hang wall art of family photos [done]
  30. Learn how to bake bread [I can make the "no knead bread" like a champ and a honey whole wheat sandwich bread; still working on the other kinds]

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