Our Independence Weekend || Part 01: Linville Gorge

We escaped to the Upstate last weekend for cooler weather. We knew the coast was supposed to be rainy and were feeling trapped in a heat cloud. Brandon decided it was time we cool down in some caverns. Fortunately there are caverns not too far from our good friends, the Reeves, so they were able to join us on the 4th of July for some caving and waterfall hiking. (Apparently, Nora Dog really likes me.)

Linville Cavern was really interesting and the perfect length of time for August. He wanted to walk the whole time, but it was slippery and rocky so we carried our squirmy boy. The bridge over the bottomless spring was really colorful but kind of creepy. When they turned the lights off for total darkness, August turned his head back and forth searching for light. 

We then drove up the road to hike a bit in Linville Gorge. The lookouts over Linville Falls, the most popular waterfall in the Blue Ridge, provided some beautiful views. August smiled and squealed from his spot in the hiking backpack; that kid loves to be outside. 

Exhausted from our day, we spent the evening in the pool, watching the hummingbirds and waiting on the lightning bugs. We were chilled several times throughout the beautiful, humidity-free day. We could not have asked for lovelier weather.

I am also happy to report that several things on my list of 30 were checked off. I'm working on an updated post to track my progress. Only 2.5 months left!

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