Our Independence Weekend || Part 02: Clemson

Muldrow (our library)
On Saturday, we breakfasted on the back deck before wandering backroads to Clemson. We strolled the campus, explored Muldrow and walked around Death Valley. We stopped for lunch at Pot Belly's (of course) and drove through downtown Central past our old house

Harden (the History building)

Being back in those buildings resurfaced my love of research and study; something about the early mornings and late nights spent in Harden and Muldrow, buzzing on caffeine and exam jitters. I wish I could be a full-time student; I am also extremely content with my life today. Perhaps one day I'll go back to school. 

In the meantime, I am glad this How to Study in College book is getting so much use. Keep studying, kids. 

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