DIY Painted Silhouettes on Wood

With Father's Day approaching last month, I knew I wanted to give my dad something classic. He does not like a lot of stuff but does enjoy pictures from his childhood and of the grandchildren; I also wanted to create something unimposing that fit within my mum's decor style. Silhouettes capture childhood innocence in a traditional art format- exactly the balance I was searching for. 

Here is how I created and mounted the silhouettes on wood:

paper (preferably cardstock or heavier-than-normal printer paper; I used resume paper)

black paint
white paint
Mod Podge or other adhesive
wooden board

foam brush

old paint brush (for Mod Podge application)

1. Make the silhouette

a. Print a photo of your subject on paper (not photo paper). Be sure to size the image to the desired size for your board before printing.
b. Use an x-acto knife to cut out the subject. Be careful around the face.
c. Grab your foam brush and brush paint onto the surface of your paper. Cover the entire paper. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat.

2. Paint the board
Take your wooden board and paint the front, back and sides. You may need more than one coat. 
*Because I wanted a smooth surface, I bought my wooden board at a thrift store instead of using my stash of reclaimed wood. The board had a country feel: a scene of some ducks and a quote about home. I was attracted to the nice edge of the board. You can use any wood for this just be sure the surface is smooth. 

3. Adhere the silhouette
Allow the paint on the silhouette and the board to dry completely
a. Paint the back of your silhouette with a thin layer Mod Podge, making sure you hit the edges. 
b. Adhere the silhouette to the board carefully. Using firm pressure, wipe your fingers towards the edges to be sure you eliminate any bubbles that have formed. (I ended up with a few because I was not working fast enough.) Allow to dry.
c. Write the name of your subject and sign your art
d. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the entire wooden board, painting over the silhouette. This seals the silhouette from damage. Be sure to apply it to the entire board as this will sightly alter the final color of your background. 
*If the Mod Podge discolors your silhouette, use a thin paintbrush to apply black paint on the silhouette. 

Silhouettes are so simple and easily adaptable. Make these more contemporary by changing up the paint colors to fit your style. Swap out the black paint for gold or the white paint for grey. Try bright colors for a children's room. Pick your subject and paint colors and start painting.

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