the islands || the sea 05

In my very first blog post, I wrote, I keep searching for the islands in the sea to bring life to these hours. To harken back to this idea, I will periodically post examples of current islands and sea in my life. The islands are the inspirations, the joys, the overwhelming blessings of light that restores my soul. The sea represents the brokenness of this world that I am currently wrestling with. It is not the negative; it is that which pulls deep and heavy on my heart.

the sea

wrestling deep in my spirit for Israel and Palestine; I don't know how to pray or what to hope for but I know that I must beseech the Lord for peace

sitting under the freedom that Christ is everything (Romans 11:36): our only hope

waiting for direction for our little family as gradually our way opens

asking for a straight path and wide doors for friends on a road towards adoption

wondering at a forgiveness that can inoculate

the islands

obsessing over baby names and this list from Nameberry

hiding from the afternoon heat with a stack of board books in August's bedroom under our newly-installed ceiling fan

considering efficient, practical ways to capture the daily moments ("In ten years’ time, I don’t want to only have a record of events like birthdays or holidays, I want to have something like this so that I can remember those little moments and what our day-to-day life actually looked like." -Ronnie)

loving this shirt and wondering if I can steal the phrase for some home-art

dreaming up new minty cocktail recipes to combat the mint invasion and to celebrate summer properly

wondering which door you are most tempted to enter 

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