A Letter to my Brother || Andrew

Andrew & August: 2013
Dear Andrew,

You may not know it, but you saved me from a dark place. One movie night at a time, you pulled me back to the present. You reminded me that siblings can be friends, that Charleston is lovely and that laughter is universal. I will always be thankful you chose to move to Charleston with the family.

Not too long ago, I was mad at one of our brothers. After acknowledging my frustration you said, "he is family; you have to give him grace." The curse of family is to be known so well; family feuds and secret jokes are frozen in time. Apparently, we can never forget the fists thrown, the forts built or the pool games of Marco Polo. To each other, we will always be stuck in the 80s.

You were right; we have to forgive. And it is high time you forgave me for gifting you your own Micro Machine, for stealing the red chair and for drawing a better Jesus picture in art class. In turn, I will forgive you for feeding M&Ms to August.

I watch you with August as your face reflects delight and your eyes alight. I am certain you are imagining the mischief your sons and mine will create one day. I hope they are as close as siblings.

- your four-doors-down neighbor

PS- Go Canes.

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