Capture Your Days || Step Three: Choose your Notebook

Choosing a medium for note-taking is important. You will want to keep them all in one place so they are easy to locate when you are ready to compile and curate your documented day. You can jot notes throughout the day in a designated notebook or in a notes app on your phone. Even non-smart phones normally have a notes app of some sort. (I use the Simple Note app for iPhone.)

Journaling tips:
Take quick notes throughout the day when you take a picture, change an activity or every hour, on the hour. In the moment, just write enough to remember the details. You will edit and elaborate these notes at a later time. I recommend editing your notes within a week of doing a Capture the Day session. You don't want too much time to pass if your note-taking was in shorthand. 

Here is an example from my notes during our summer session:
1:30 pm: lunch of last night's leftovers. greek chicken on pita wtih cucumbers tomatoes and peppers. iced coffee and chatter with Mum. 
2 pm: Play on living room floor. Mum brought pics so we look and talk about New York. August cranky while playing in space mobile.
1:30 pm: Mum joins us for lunch of last night's leftovers: Greek chicken on pita with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.  
2 pm: We dessert on iced coffee and visit for a bit while August plays with blocks and his spaceship. Mum brought pictures of August on the MG so we look and talk about her upcoming trip to New York for Rutledge's wedding. He gets cranky for a nap. 

The edited version is not longer but it is easier to read complete sentences with proper punctuation.

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