Capture Your Days || Introduction

Recently, I shared one of our Capture the Day sessions and it occurred to me that a short series on the subject might be nice. I have said this before: we are the memory keepers for our families. When I was younger, my mother recorded a cassette tape of my brothers' conversations. Sadly, the tape has since been lost, but the idea inspires me. Wouldn't you like to know what you did during a normal day from your childhood? Let's do this for ourselves and for our children.

It occurs to me that all of my memory keeping (photography and journaling) is 100% from my perspective. When August looks back on his life, he will see his father's perspective in short films and my perspective in our family albums. When August is older, I hope to have him journal a "day in the life" feature. I hope I remember that idea years from now. If any of you try this with your older children, please share a link to your results in the comments.

Because we are more likely to remember (and photograph) special days, normal ones need documenting too. If you are interested in doing your own #capturetheday session, I highly recommend it. The key is to just start: start snapping and start writing. I've done this on special days and on ordinary days. Pick a day and start. Hopefully, you will find great beauty within the mundane routine of your day.

Starting tomorrow, I will be breaking down each step over the next month. Here is what you can look forward to-

Step One: Choose your timing
Step Two: Choose your camera
Step Three: Choose your notebook
Step Four: Choose your end product

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